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Richard Ludwig

A Manufacturing CEO's Secret Tips for Improving Profit (Nam/Wiley Series in Manufacturing)

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ISBN: 0471125555, 9780471125556
Издательство: Wiley
A no-nonsense guide for managers who ask themselves each day:"What should I work on first to improve my company's profits?" A Manufacturing CEO's Secret Tips for Improving Profit assumes the mental perspective of the manager who sees the whole complex picture and who must make tough decisions quickly and effectively. Based on the author's personal experience as a successful aircraft manufacturing president, this book is designed in every detail to help you bring positive change to every part of your company, improve its overall operation, and to increase profitability. It offers proven tools, techniques, and methods that you can put to work immediately, including: How to use General Business Formulas How to estimate the cost of a new product How to use the General Business Formula to design an effective financial reporting system How to identify problems early—before they reduce profits How to reduce inventory How to create and use learning...