Обложка книги In the Trenches: Best of sub-TERRAIN

In the Trenches: Best of sub-TERRAIN

ISBN: 1895636191;

In The Trenches: The Best of subTerrain represents ten years of alternative writing, as featured on the pages of Vancouver's literary renegade magazine, subTerrain. In The Trenches features works of poetry, fiction and commentary by innumerable talented emerging writers, many of whom have since gone on to become established Canadian authors. Included is work by: Derek McCormack, Steven Heighton, Helene Littmann, Elise Levine, Grant Buday, Dianne Warren, Mark Anthony Jarman, Bud Osborn, Sophia Kaszuba, Michael Turner, Mark Cochrane, Joanne Arnott, Dennis E. Bolen, Tamas Dobozy and many others, plus commentary by the editors.

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