Обложка книги The Annotated Waste Land with Eliot's Contemporary Prose

The Annotated Waste Land with Eliot's Contemporary Prose

ISBN: 0300097433;
Издательство: Yale University Press
Страниц: 290

Book Description One of the twentieth century’s most powerful--and controversial—works, The Waste Land was published in the desolate wake of the First World War. This definitive edition of T. S. Eliot’s masterpiece presents a new and authoritative version of the poem, along with all the essays Eliot wrote as he was composing The Waste Land , seven of them never before published in book form. The volume is enriched with period photographs and a London map of locations mentioned in the poem. Featured in the book are Lawrence Rainey’s groundbreaking account of how The Waste Land came to be composed; a history of the reactions of admirers and critics; and full annotationsto the poem and Eliot’s essays. The edition transforms our understanding of one of the greatest modernist writers and the magnificent poem that became a landmark in literary history.