Обложка книги Communicating Effectively for Dummies

Communicating Effectively for Dummies

ISBN: 0764553194; 5-8459-0650-4;
Издательство: For Dummies

Communicating Effectively For Dummies shows you how to get your point across at work and interact most productively with bosses and coworkers. Applying your knowledge and skill to your job is the easy part; working well with others is often the hard part. This helpful guide lets you maximize your personal interactions, even when resolving conflicts, dealing with customers, or giving difficult presentations. Whether you’re the CEO of a major corporation, a small business owner, or a team manager, effective and clear communication is imperative to your success. From keeping your listener engaged to learning to become a better listener, Communicating Effectively For Dummies offers all the strategies, tips, and advice you need to: Learn how to become an active listener Accentuate the positive in negative situations Find win-win solutions for conflicts Stay on track when writing e-mails and letters Handle presentations,...

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