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Eileen K. Van Kavelaar

Conducting Training Workshops : A Crash Course for Beginners

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ISBN: 0787911186, 9780787911188
Издательство: Pfeiffer
What if you weren't planning to become a trainer . . . but now you have to train someone? Or what if you are planning to become a trainer . . . but you have no idea where to start? How can you effectively communicate your expertise to your audience? Thisbook has the answers. A training workshop can be frightening for both neophytes and old pros. You know you have the knowledge. But just having knowledge is not enough. You need to match your training to your audience. You need to establish the learning objectives of your audience. You need to explain yourself clearly, to ask and answer the right questions, to relate to your audience. You need to determine how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your training. Basically, you need a plan, and you want it fast. "This book is designed to answer the questions that I have been asked over and over again by students. Each key concept is linked to one of Aesop's Fables to make it easy to remember. The writing is deliberately...