Обложка книги Corporate Cultures: The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life

Corporate Cultures: The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life


ISBN: 0-7382-0330-0;
Издательство: Perseus Books Publishing, L.L.C.
Страниц: 232

A reissue of the classic best-seller that coined the term "corporate culture" In the early 1980s, Terry Deal and Allan Kennedy launched a new field of inquiry and practice with the publication of their landmark book, Corporate Cultures, in which they argued that distinct types of cultures evolve within companies, with a direct and measurable impact on strategy and performance. Despite the dramatic evolution of the business landscape over the last twenty years, the basic principles of the book remain as fresh and relevant as they did when it was first published: that organizations, by their very nature, are social enterprises, with tribal habits, well-defined cultural roles for individuals, and various strategies for determining inclusion, reinforcing identity, and adapting to change. In the new introduction, the authors reflect on the enduring lessons of their investigation into the life of organizations

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