Обложка книги System Safety : HAZOP and Software HAZOP

System Safety : HAZOP and Software HAZOP

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ISBN: 0471982806; 9780471982807;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Provides an indispensable and thorough description of HAZOP (hazard and operability study) - the most powerful technique for the identification and analysis of hazards, a technique which is unknown in many industries and where it is employed, it often does not fulfil its potential because of incorrect use. It describes HAZOP and explains its efficient and effective use. It is a structured text which first teaches HAZOP, step-by-step, and then provides additional information and guidance on particular problems and applications. It therefore provides a course for those who want to learn the technique and a reference source for practitioners. No only have the authors employed, researched and taught the method, but they have also written a standard on its use. They are therefore the ideal advisers, not only for introducing newcomers to HAZOP, but also for guiding practitioners through its more advanced aspects. Key features of this book...

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