Обложка книги Culture Clash

Culture Clash


ISBN: 0844233064;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

Take this culture quiz to quickly determine how you will cope in multicultural business situations. Answer Yes or No to each question. Smiling is always a good way to establish rapport. Progress is inevitable and necessary. It is good to be action oriented. People are defined primarily in terms of their work and achievements. Each person is an individual and should seek and achieve independence from others. Competition is a good way of motivating people. There is usuallya best way of doing something which should be determined and then followed. We are problem-solvers. There are problems in the world, and we should work to find solutions to them. The use of numbers will increase your credibility. A handshake at the end of a conversation means agreement and acceptance of terms and conditions. What is the right answer to each of these questions? The short answer is: Sometimes. The real answers to these and hundreds of other questions...