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Nicholas G. Carr

Digital Enterprise : How to Reshape Your Business for a Connected World (A Harvard Business Review Book)

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ISBN: 1578515580
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
E-commerce trends-from online portals to business-to-business exchanges-have captured plenty of headlines, but it's now becoming clear that these trends are merely sideshows to the Internet's main event. In this bold and authoritative collectionof Harvard Business Review articles, editor and new-economy expert Nicholas G. Carr argues that the real story of the digital age is happening below the surface of commerce. Digital technologies are reshaping the very infrastructure of business, requiring radically different ways of organizing, structuring, and operating companies of all kinds. The result is the formation of an entirely new kind of organization Carr calls the digital enterprise . Revealing the insights of cutting-edge business thinkers, top corporate executives, and leading entrepreneurs including Gary Hamel, John Hagel, Clayton Christensen, EMC's Michael Ruettgers, and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, The Digital Enterprise takes...