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Robert J. Lee, Sara N. King, Robert J. Lee, Sara N. King

Discovering the Leader in You: A Guide to Realizing Your Personal Leadership Potential

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ISBN: 0787909513, 9780787909512
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
This book is based on a simple point: leadership roles should be filled by people who deliberately decide that they want to be in them. To that end, Discovering the Leader in You offers a unique system of self-discovery that clearly shows how you can attain the leadership position you want. Robert J. Lee and Sara N. King, who developed this approach from their experience at the widely renowned Center for Creative Leadership, help potential leaders examine development paths in the context of who they are as individuals. They show how you can connect your inner self to the demands of leadership by using a set of questions that will help you take your career in new directions. You'll gain deep insight into what leadership means to you personally as you retain more control over your career choices and, subsequently, achieve more personal success. A Center for Creative Leadership Book