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Carol Quinn

Don't Hire Anyone Without Me!: A Revolutionary Approach to Interviewing & Hiring the Best

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ISBN: 1564145778
Издательство: Career Press
Today's employers know that savvy job seekers are capable of Oscar(tm)-Winning performances during interviews. But how can they separate the real performers from the imposters? Here is a book that gives employers the ammunition they need to master the science of hiring truly productive people. Learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls of hiring, such as making decisions based on skills alone, or making a hiring decision on a "gut feeling" about a candidate. Get simple ways to ask better questionsand to understand what the applicant's answers are really telling you. This is a how-to book that shows decision-makers how to incorporate "Motivation-Based Interviewing" into their hiring process quickly, affording them the opportunity to gain a significant edge on their competition. This revolutionary approach to interviewing is simple yet so effective it is destined to become commonplace in the business world.