Обложка книги Entrepreneur Magazine: Starting an Import/Export Business

Entrepreneur Magazine: Starting an Import/Export Business


ISBN: 0471110590;
Издательство: Wiley

From the source you trust most—everything you need to start up, grow, and prosper in international trade . . . If you're excited by the opportunities you see in international trade but nervous about facing a world of problems you don't understand, you've come to the right place. In Starting an Import/Export Business, the experts at Entrepreneur Magazine help you break into this fast-growing field and thrive. This easy-to-use guide provides clear, concise information that demystifies the foreign trade process. In addition to all the basics you need to start your own business, this book is loaded with helpful statistics on international trade with 17 countries, sample documents, and resource listings. You'll learn about trade regulations, how to deal with customs services, and the best ways to protect trademarks and copyrights. You'll discover the best places to go for working capital, how to attract clients, and when to hire consultants. You'll also learn how to: ...