Обложка книги College Accounting: A Practical Approach : Chapters 1-8

College Accounting: A Practical Approach : Chapters 1-8

ISBN: 0131071688;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

Book Description Increase your understanding of accounting concepts! This book motivates learners and helps assess comprehension of accounting and taxation topics. Each chapter is divided into several 4-5 page “Learning Units” and each is followed by a “Learning Unit Review.” Specific chapter titles include: Debits and Credits: Analyzing and Recording Business Transactions, Beginning the Accounting Cycle, The Accounting Cycle Continued, The Accounting Cycle Completed, Banking Procedures and Control of Cash, Payroll Concepts and Procedures, and The Employer's Tax Responsibilities.. The book makes extensive use of the #1 market leading franchise Subway to provide real-world insights, and features in-text computerized accounting workshops on the latest release of Peachtree Complete Accounting. For...