Обложка книги Corruption in Corporate Culture

Corruption in Corporate Culture


ISBN: 0822365707;
Издательство: Duke University Press

Corruption in Corporate Culture argues that there has been a serious breakdown in the systems designed to ensure fair dealing in the self-governing and self-policing worlds of U.S. business and finance. Contending that a war of containment has been launched to conceal both the repercussions of corporate corruption and government complicity in it, this special issue of Social Text evaluates these problems on a systemic level, as well as focusing on immediate cases. Addressing several recent high-profile scandals, contributors examine both the short- and the long-term ramifications of corporate corruption: the means by which Martha Stewart has been used as an icon and a scapegoat in the ImClone case while broader critical issues have failed to receive the attention they demand; the divisive ways in which the antifeminist Independent Women?s Forum?along with other neocon organizations and pundits?has moved the debate regarding the deregulation of the financial services...

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