Обложка книги Henry Adams: Novels Mont Saint Michel The Education

Henry Adams: Novels Mont Saint Michel The Education

ISBN: 0940450127;
Издательство: Library of America
Страниц: 1246

"In these collected texts one sees the full range of Henry Adams: the dabbler in fiction who, like many a current Washington journalist, covered the national scene with stark, frightening accuracy; the philosophical thinker who reverted to medievalism and Mariolatry as means by which to speculate on his contemporary world as well as upon the mind of the past; the professor and introspectionist who, in spite of his private scruples, publicly asserted that his entire life had been an education in failure. The apparatus prepared by Ernest and Jayne Samuels is illuminating: their precise chronology of Adams's interesting and formidable life, the notes on the texts (especially useful for the novels where the editors identify those contemporary Washington politicians and other luminaries Adams studied as prototypes) are exhaustive, and the few Adams fugitive writings--his poems, in particular--help in delivering this total literary-historical picture." —Language and Literature, March...