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Roberto Mantovani, Kurt Diemberger


Обложка книги Everest

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ISBN: 8854402052
Издательство: White Star
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 176
The mighty, inaccessible peaks of Mt. Everest have always posed an irresistible challenge to those motivated to test their mettle against the harsh conditions. Packed with spectacular archival and specially commissioned photographs, this book examines the history of Everest mountaineering through thrilling journey reports. The authors describe in detail the planning required for such a monumental climb and the technical means used in the Everest climbing adventures of modern mountaineering. The narrative recounts the various chapters in the mountaineering history of Everest, from the first reconnaissance in 1921 to the first victorious climb and the accomplishments-and failures-of recent decades. We meet the ambitious adventurers, revel in their triumphs, and experience the tragedies as well. Throughout the book the lively text and vivid photographs transport readers on a journey they will never forget.
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