Обложка книги Henry Ford's Lean Vision

Henry Ford's Lean Vision

ISBN: 1563272601;
Издательство: Productivity Press Inc

HENRY FORD'S LEAN VISION Enduring Principles from the First Ford Motor Plant William A. Levinson In HENRY FORD'S LEAN VISION, William A. Levinson draws from Henry Ford's writings, the procedures in his factories, and historical anecdotes about the birth of lean in Japan to show that the philosophy that revolutionized Japanese manufacturing was the same philosophy that grew the Ford Motor Company into a global powerhouse. Levinson reveals how Ford was ahead of other modern visionaries and discusses why the very ideas that made his company such a success were abandonded in his own country, and why they finally found acceptance in Japan. HENRY FORD'S LEAN VISION is a hands-on reference that provides the reader with proven principles and methods that can be applied in any business or service enterprise. It covers all aspects of building and running a successful enterprise, including Ford's principles for human relationships and the management of physical resources.