Обложка книги An Engagement in Seattle: Groom Wanted\Bride Wanted

An Engagement in Seattle: Groom Wanted\Bride Wanted

ISBN: 0778329186;

Aleksandr Berinksi is a Russian biochemist in the U.S. on a visa that is about to expire. Marriage will allow him to stay?marriage to Julia Conrad. If Julia's going to save her Seattle-based company, she needs him as much as he needs her. There's a Groom Wanted in Julia's life. And not just any groom!A billboard on the side of a Seattle road is common enough?but one advertising for a bride? It's Chase Goodwin's solution to the problem of finding a wife quickly, a wife to bring home to Alaska. Lesley Campbell has her own reasons for responding?and in no time she's the Bride Wanted in Chase's life!

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