Обложка книги Innovation, Creativity, and Discovery in Modern Organizations:

Innovation, Creativity, and Discovery in Modern Organizations:

ISBN: 1567205690;
Издательство: Quorum Books

Bundy shows how the evolution of knowledge can take us to unimaginably higher levels of human achievement, and offers a new model for the understanding and implementation of creativity and discovery. He provides guidelines that will vitalize technical thinking, and useful insights into the creative process that will benefit all who are concerned with growth and innovation, and shows how "unconventionality when reduced to rationalism offers a pathway to successful innovation." With the global economy expanding so rapidly and with the deplorable rise in the use of technology to create man-made disasters, Bundy shows how essential it is for leaders in industry, government, and politics to understand how innovation occurs, and how to generate and control creativity for the benefit of all of us. Written for laymen as well as specialists in fields other than science, Bundy's book is a fascinating, needed look into how things come to be what they are and how to bring about new things that...