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Karl M. Kapp, William F. Latham, Hester N. Ford-Latham, Karl M Kapp

Integrated Learning for ERP Success: A Learning Requirements Planning Approach

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ISBN: 1574442961
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press
The results are in. The evidence has been analyzed. Research shows that the lack of enterprise-wide training is the biggest reason for ERP implementation failures. It is the single most important precursor to achieving success. Integrated Learning for ERP Success is the first resource to offer a specifically defined, comprehensive method for planning, delivering, and evaluating ERP training efforts. It even includes formulas for determining training return on investment. The Learning Requirements Planning (LRP) process presented involves a six-step enterprise-level instructional design model that when implemented correctly assures success.If you would rather have a root canal than oversee an ERP implementation, you are not alone. But like avoiding a rootcanal, avoiding ERP implementation only causes more pain. This book eases the implementation pain. It shows you how a formal plan for learning will increase the productivity of the ERP implementation team, shorten overall...