Обложка книги The Losers (Vol.1): Ante Up

The Losers (Vol.1): Ante Up


ISBN: 1401201989;
Издательство: Vertigo
Страниц: 160

In the hard-hitting tale of espionage and betrayal THE LOSERS: ANTE UP, an elite U.S. Special Forces unit is targeted for assassination when they unintentionally uncover the illegal and immoral practices of the C.I.A. Believed dead and with nothing to lose, the team of wet works operatives regroup and begin a mission of revenge against the organization that betrayed them. Only as the team goes after a corrupt oil conglomerate with ties to the C.I.A., do they truly begin to realize the depths of the conspiracy they have discovered and the impossible odds of survival that they face.

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Jesse Russel
The Losers is a comic book series published by the Vert