Обложка книги Gacha Gacha 1 (Gacha Gacha)

Gacha Gacha 1 (Gacha Gacha)

ISBN: 0345486218;
Издательство: Del Rey
Страниц: 208

SECRET CRUSH Lately, Kouhei can’t get his friend Kurara out of his mind. Even though he has known her since elementary school, all of a sudden, ever since she came back from summer vacation, he has been crushing on her . . . hard. But something is different about Kurara–she is acting very oddly. Sometimes she seems wholesome, pure, and innocent, and at other times she is extremely forward and unabashed. Kouhei soon learns that Kurara has multiple personalities–and decides to help her keep her secret from their classmates. But Kouhei finds himself struggling between helping Kurara as a friend and trying to win her heart . . . which is a challenge, since she has many!

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