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Barry Blair, Colin Walbridge

Nymphettes, Vol. 1

Обложка книги Nymphettes, Vol. 1

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ISBN: 0865620962
Издательство: SQP
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 48
Two artists of non-stop abilities, Barry Blair and Colin Walbridge, have created a cottage industry of illustrating fantasy for the entire world! Their work is integral part of on the on-line phenomenon "Realm Walkers," and they've made legions of fans with their paintings of mythic creatures and fanciful characters. Now they turn their fevered imaginations to the carnal side of role playing, and present the first volume of their "Nymphettes." Nubile young elfin warriors and maidens, in various states of ecstasy and undress, battle and triumph! And you thought elves just made cookies!
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