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Tim Taylor

Launch Fever: An Entrepreneur's Journey Into the Secrets of Launching Rockets, a New Business and Living a Happier Life.

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ISBN: 0595656145
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Tim TaylorA?s story is not simply that of a single individual, but a metaphor for an era that took us to the moon. Launch Fever is an inspiration not only to the rocket scientist but also to every entrepreneur starting or dreaming of starting his or her own company. The story covers both the Challenger and Columbia disasters with fascinating detail. This is a motivating insiders look at the kind of struggles that lie ahead (or behind) for every entrepreneur. Come face to face with the harshrealities and difficult decision of letting go the security of 9-5 to pursue a dream as Tim Taylor discovers the spark of enlightenment, which propels him into the world of entrepreneurship.