Обложка книги Spirit Marked (Yaoi)

Spirit Marked (Yaoi)


ISBN: 0976744163;
Издательство: Yaoi Press
Страниц: 160

The Demon Shogun murdered the Emperor of Light and conquered his kingdom. Only the Emperor's nephew Tatsuki escaped alive. Tatsuki becomes marked with power of the Tiger Spirit. If he proves he's worthy of the mark he will have the power to fight the Shogun. During his trails Tatsuki is joined by a second spirit-marked, the beautiful acrobat, Keo. Love blossoms between Keo and Tatsuki, but the Shogun has taken a personal interest in Tatsuki also. Tatsuki must resist the Shogun's attempts to seduce him while at the same time try to prove he's worthy of the spirit mark. Also in this book, a science fiction yaoi story about a clock-maker and a beautiful android.