Обложка книги Daddy Cool: The Graphic Novel

Daddy Cool: The Graphic Novel

ISBN: 0870679295;
Издательство: Holloway House Publishing Company
Страниц: 224

This marks the first appearance in trade paperback of any book by a writer who is a star in inner cities and whose novels have sold an incredible five million copies. Goines was never more hard-boiled than he is here, in this almost Shakespearean revenge fantasy about a hitman whose icy heart melts when his beloved daughter is lured astray by a smooth-talking pimp. Rave praise for the Old School Books Series: "One of the most exciting literary revival series since the rediscovery of Jim Thompson's novels..." --Digby Diehl, Playboy "If you can't get enough of Shaft, Foxy Brown (the original one) or Dolemite, then check Old School Books' new series of pulp novels featuring the boldest African-American authors of our time. These new cultural artifacts are fast-paced and hard. They take the brutality and ruin of the urban Black landscape and transform them into art. Each character in the series is searching for "old school" wisdom and never loses sight of the racial,...

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