Обложка книги Gacha Gacha 4 (Gacha Gacha)

Gacha Gacha 4 (Gacha Gacha)

ISBN: 034548679X;
Издательство: Del Rey
Страниц: 208

THE ORIGINAL FOUR After struggling to deal with Kurara’s many personalities, from the sex-crazed Arisa to the innocent Alice, Kouhei must now face his greatest challenge. The Original 4 are the most fearsome personalities hiding within Kurara’s mind. These ultra-advanced AI (artificial intelligence) personalities are capable of learning and evolving over time. But more important, they’re super cute–and they can’t keep their hands off Kouhei. Sounds like business as usual for the poor guy, but this time there’s a catch: Kurara stays conscious whenever she transforms into one of the Original 4. She can see, hear, and feel everything! Can Kouhei continue to avoid temptation while hiding Kurara’s secret from the rest of the world? Find out in Gacha Gacha.

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