Обложка книги Gacha Gacha 5 (Gacha Gacha)

Gacha Gacha 5 (Gacha Gacha)

ISBN: 0345492323;
Издательство: Del Rey
Страниц: 208

COULD IT BE LOVE? Kurara finally confesses her love for Kouhei, but something’s not quite right. She looks like Kurara, she sounds like Kurara, she even punches like Kurara–but it seems too good to be true. Is this really Kurara, or could it be some kind of trick? Kouhei’s love life gets even more complicated when Kurara transforms into her most fearsome personality yet. “01” is the ruler of the virtual world and she won’t rest until Kurara is “deleted.” Now Kouhei must venture back into the realm of Gacha Gacha virtual reality for an extremely dangerous mission. Will he save Kurara in time?