Обложка книги Heroes Reborn: Avengers TPB

Heroes Reborn: Avengers TPB

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ISBN: 0785123377;
Издательство: Marvel Comics
Страниц: 336

Cap, Thor, the Vision, Hawkeye, Hellcat, Mantis and more: The Avengers lineup is both new AND classic on an Earth that hits them with villains as fast as they can assemble! Revised versions of Ultron, the Radioactive Man, the Grim Reaper and many more prove their mastery of evil against Reborn Earth's mightiest heroes! Plus, the Heroes Reborn Universe only got a piece of the Hulk - but, darn it, it may still be more than it can handle! Guest-starring Nick Fury and the Fantastic Four! Collects Avengers (Vol. 2) #1-12

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