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Mark Millar, Brian K Vaughan, Brian Michael Bendis, Jae Lee, Tom Raney, Mark Brooks, Steve Dillon

Ultimate Annuals Volume 1 TPB (Ultimate)

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ISBN: 0785120351
Издательство: Marvel Comics
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 160
The Ultimate Inhumans debut, two lives are forever changed, you'll never guess who's back and everyone guest-stars in the first-ever Ultimate Annuals! In Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1, it's the first appearance of the Ultimate Inhumans! From a hidden race, she came to steal the heart of the FF's youngest member: the beautiful elemental called Crystal! In Ultimate X-Men Annual #1, it's the return of Ultimate Juggernaut! Juggie makes a play for the Gem of Cyttorak, the jewel that will make him truly unstoppable. Only two small things stand in his way: Rogue and Gambit, the new prince and princess of thieves! In Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1, Spidey goes toe-to-toe with some old foes - and winds up with a new girlfriend! Who is she? Let's just say she has a familiar face. And in The Ultimates Annual #1, if you thought The Ultimates were the only team S.H.I.E.L.D. was creating - you were wrong! Get ready for the next wave of super-soldiers designed to protect America's vital...
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