Обложка книги Neotopia Color Manga #2 (Neotopia)

Neotopia Color Manga #2 (Neotopia)

ISBN: 193245358X;
Издательство: Antarctic Press
Страниц: 176

In a world where Man has finally learned to exist in harmony with Nature, the citizens of Mathenia live happily under their beloved Grand Duchess. Unknown to them, she is Nalyn, a commoner impersonating Nydia, the real Duchess. When Nalyn is kidnapped by an enemy country bent on bringing back the age of technological excess, she is forced to lead her country to war. Braving the sea of Atlan, the crew of the Majestic Explorer, led by Nalyn and her friends, are waylaid by a band of pirates. Captured aboard the Caravaggio, the company is rescued by Ki-Ek and Nimn. With Ki-Ek in his power armor in the lead, the crew of the Majestic Explorer does battle with the pirates, while the pirate king Hyesh challenges Nalyn to personal combat! Meanwhile, unknown to them all, the Krossian Emperors have assembled a mighty armada. General Kaizler and Taskmaster Ghul were sent to lead this new army. Their goal: to destroy Nalyn and her small band once and for all!

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