Обложка книги Rebirth, Book 7

Rebirth, Book 7

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ISBN: 1591825253;
Издательство: TokyoPop
Страниц: 176

Kalutika Maybus, now a Major in the Sacred Knights Brigade, finds an unlikely ally in Rett Butler, a Robin Hood-esque bandit awaiting execution. Kal offers Rett a full pardon, and in return Rett joins Kal, who seeks revenge against the man who accosted his sister, Danube. While investigating reports of several mysterious disappearances in "The Forest of No-Return," Kal, Rett, and Father Daniel come across a grisly scene. And it isn't long before they are overrun by a horde of ravenous vampires, led by the creature that thirsts for vengeance?the vampire, Deshwitat...