Обложка книги Savage Dragon Volume 9: Worlds At War (Savage Dragon (Graphic Novels))

Savage Dragon Volume 9: Worlds At War (Savage Dragon (Graphic Novels))

ISBN: 1582403244;
Издательство: Image Comics
Страниц: 144

The deadly Darklord threatens to wipe out the planet Earth by swapping his doomed planet for ours and only the Dragon and the newly formed Special Operations Strikeforce can hope to save our imperiled planet! The destruction of a planet hangs in the balance! Plus, the Dragon and Jennifer Murphy travel to Godworld and witness the deadliest battle of all as the legendary God of Thunder, Thor takes on Hercules - and the winner gets Earth! All this and a guest star studded wedding of Barbaric and Ricochet, which included Hellboy, Zot, Bone, Vampirella, Shadowhawk, Flaming Carrot, Cerebus, the DNAgents and a host of others!

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