Обложка книги Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 7 (Those Who Hunt Elves)

Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 7 (Those Who Hunt Elves)

ISBN: 1413901166;
Издательство: ADV Manga
Страниц: 202

When you're stranded in a strange and fantastic land, bizarre occurrences can quickly become the norm. For example, fat and jolly Santa Clauses (yes Virginia, there is more than one Santa Claus) bounce around the surreal countryside. Even the laws of science and nature are slightly different. Junpei, whose strength only seemed to be physical up to now, suddenly impresses his friends with his intellectual might. Junpei? Smart? Puleeeeze! In the strange world in which our heroes find themselves, wherever they go, the stalwart adventurers, Junpei, Celcia, Airi and Ritsuko are always selflessly helping those in need aid. However, to Celcia's dismay, she is still stuck in her her adorable (to everyone else, that is) panda form. The adventures of the Elf Hunters continue as they search high and low for the fragments to the magic spell that could mean their ticket home!

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