Обложка книги Managerial Communication: Bridging Theory and Practice

Managerial Communication: Bridging Theory and Practice


ISBN: 0138498865;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Innovative in perspective, this book emphasizes the extremely close connection between communication and the traditional functions of management. It explores both the objective elements of communication (sender, message, channel and receiver) and the subjective elements (assumptions, purpose ? intention/audience, and interpretation. It recognizes ? and emphasizes ? that human communication is complex and that communication is not the message sent , but the message received. Describes how communication works. Discusses the basic communication skills in listening, public speaking, writing, and networking. Explores communication in relation to management and leadership -- and the communication climate. Addresses specific types of communication that managers need in motivating people, helping teams function, conducting meetings, and managing conflict. Considers special topics in...