Обложка книги Fushigi Yugi, Volume 18 (Fushigi Yugi (Graphic Novels))

Fushigi Yugi, Volume 18 (Fushigi Yugi (Graphic Novels))

ISBN: 142150393X;
Издательство: VIZ Media LLC
Страниц: 208

The Neverending Story meets Romance of the Three Kingdoms in this praised shojo (girls') manga. When classmates Miaka and Yui open an ancient magical Chinese book, Miaka is transported inside, beyond the reach of schoolwork and family problems, into the Universe of the Four Gods. Heralded as the legendary Priestess of Suzaku, she becomes involved in romance and court politics, and must find the Seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku to fulfill a prophecy and find her way home.

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