Обложка книги Land of Silver Rain, Vol. 2 (Land of Silver Rain)

Land of Silver Rain, Vol. 2 (Land of Silver Rain)

ISBN: 160009046X;
Издательство: NETCOMICS
Страниц: 191

Misty-Rain is deported to the world of her birth, and Sirius, the rich Prince of the Land of the Unicorns, tries to go to the world of humans to find her. Concerned for her charge, Nanny hatches a plot that causes the young prince to lose all of his memories of Misty-Rain. With only a fox-witch as companion in this strange new world, Misty-Rain gets into a car accident, and almost dies. Fortunately, she is given new life by the power of the "Tae-guek" spirit bestowed by the Great King of Darkness. Two years pass and Misty-Rain, a normal eighth-grader at Yulha Middle School, is now living with a human family. She has been placed under the charge of two brothers, one of whom is a handsome but obnoxious athlete, whose wicked personality has left him with no friends. As she lives out her new life, Misty Rain seems to have all but forgotten the magical land where she was raised. Prince Sirius, however, is gradually snapping out of Nanny's spell and is slowly remembering?