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Hideyuki Kikuchi

Vampire Hunter D, Volume 4: Tale of the Dead Town

Обложка книги Vampire Hunter D, Volume 4: Tale of the Dead Town

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ISBN: 1595820930
Издательство: DH Press
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 300
Eons in the future in a toxic, terror-stricken world, The City is a veritable paradise. A tiny hamlet of a few hundred sheltered citizens, it floats serenely just a few feet above the ground on a seemingly random course, safe from the predation of marauding monsters. But paradise is shattered when a vampire invasion threatens the peaceful haven. While the Vampire Hunter known only as “D” struggles to exterminate the lethal scourge, the gorgeous Raleigh Knight and the brash John M. Brassalli Pluto VIII seize control of The City, launching it on a new and deadly course. D’s travails are just beginning. The heart-stopping thrills and nightmarish plot twists that fans of series have come to expect are on full display in Vampire Hunter D, Volume 4 . Six stunning illustrations by the renowned Yoshitaka Amano underscore Hideyuki Kikuchi’s hellish vision of the future.