Обложка книги Ultimate Fantastic Four, Vol. 6: Frightful

Ultimate Fantastic Four, Vol. 6: Frightful


ISBN: 0785120173;
Издательство: Marvel Comics
Страниц: 152

A guilt-ridden Reed Richards attempts to undo his greatest failure by using time travel to fix the snag that caused the teleportation accident that resulted in Ben Grimm's becoming the Thing. If it works, Ben will be Ben and the Thing will never have existed. And neither will the FF. Be careful what you wish for! Plus: the awesome return of Dr. Doom! The zombiefied FF escape from their Baxter Building prison! The deadly debut of the Frightful Four! Johnny Storm finds out he has only 28 days to live! And that's all just for starters! Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #27-32.

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