Обложка книги Managing Relationships: Making a Life While Making a Living

Managing Relationships: Making a Life While Making a Living

ISBN: 1900961180; 9781900961189;
Издательство: Capstone

"Dr. Parikhs straightforward approach in this book goes right to the point, with focus on the important role of relationships, which is valuable reading to everyone in todays changing world." Matti Alahuhta President, Nokia Mobile Phones (Finland) "The importance of understanding oneself and ones relationships with people, ideas, things and events is essential to anyone who wants to make a difference together with others. Dr Parikhs book could be an excellent start on such an exploration of yourself and your relations which good management and true leadership call for." Anders Aspling President, IFL - Swedish Institute of Management "Parikhs book is a profound rendering of the significance and power of relationships at work - and in life.It is a unique contribution to the literature of management and would benefit any executive or leader who desires to understand the undercurrents of motivation and meaning in organizational life." Warren Bennis Distinguished Professor,...