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Douglas F. Aldrich

Mastering the Digital Marketplace : Practical Strategies for Competitiveness in the New Economy

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ISBN: 0471345466, 9780471345466
Издательство: Wiley
Год издания: 1999
Страниц: 336
"This is our vision of what the promised digital land is likely to look like this is our advice on how to best prepare for it." - from Mastering the Digital Marketplace As we head into the twenty-first century, what will separate the winnersfrom the losers in the world of business? As Douglas Aldrich tells us in this comprehensive book, the leaders will be those CEOs who use information technology to its fullest potential across every area of operation, from streamlining internal processes to connecting with suppliers and customers. In short, the line between success and failure will be drawn between those who can function in the emerging digital economy and those who cannot. Based on research developed within A. T. Kearney, this accessible resource provides a logical, step-by-step framework for surviving-and thriving-in the digital marketplace. Aldrich identifies key strategic areas that you as a corporate leader must consider before leading your company...