Обложка книги On Staffing : Advice and Perspectives from HR Leaders

On Staffing : Advice and Perspectives from HR Leaders

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ISBN: 0471410691;
Издательство: Wiley

Praise for ON STAFFING Advice and Perspectives from HR Leaders "On Staffing will become the bible for staffing professionals. The essays cover from the beginning (finding) to the end (retaining) of staffing procedures. The timely, realistic, practical, and enduring essays will define the standard for the staffing process. This book will serve as a resource guide for staffing professionals who seek best practices and line managers who realize that staffing is the key to their success. The editors have done a masterful job selecting thoughtful writers who have both good ideas and experience implementing the ideas. They have also ensured that each essay offers practical advice." ??Dave Ulrich Professor of Business, University of Michigan author, Why the Bottom Line Isn?t! "On Staffing is an absolutely essential resource for anyone with recruiting, development, or retention responsibilities. It should be no more than an arm?s...