Обложка книги Powerful Conversations: How High-Impact Leaders Communicate

Powerful Conversations: How High-Impact Leaders Communicate

ISBN: 0071353216; 9780071353212;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Companies
Страниц: 224

For the first time in one comprehensive guide, noted leadership expert Phil Harkins shares the powerful conversation techniques he has been studying and using for years with many top executives from Fortune 500 companies such as Kraft, Xerox, and Morgan Stanley. Over the years, these techniques have proven to improve the growth and productivity of dozens of companies by helping high-impact leaders attain new levels of work. Powerful Conversations, Harkins illustrates, are neither mystical nor unattainable. Harkins outlines the processes to follow to eliminate communication barriers to foster learning and growth. He explains why and how powerful conversations are effective tools - and how to use and measure them to know when you've had a productive powerful conversation. He also addresses other key topics, including: the five kinds and 10 types of powerful conversations; when and where to have powerful conversations; how to avoid bad conversations that destroy relationships. Packed...

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