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John L. Daly

Pricing for Profitability: Activity-Based Pricing for Competitive Advantage

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ISBN: 0471415359, 9780471415350
Издательство: Wiley
Activity-based pricing: the new paradigm for maximum profitability Pricing for Profitability introduces activity-based pricing, a new paradigm for improving profitability by reducing the occurrence of pricing mistakes and placing less emphasis on increasing revenue and more on improving profits. Activity-based pricing will help any company set prices that are attractive to buyers and profitable for the company. Pricing for Profitability teaches activity-based pricing to help you make better pricingdecisions based on customer demand and a better understanding of what really causes profits. It will help you prevent underpricing and generate a healthier financial return. Simply organized and nontechnical, this in-depth treatment covers the ten vital topics of activity-based pricing. A wealth of examples that illustrate the points made in the text include activity-based pricing models used in real industries. Designed for everyone involved with the pricing process, Pricing for...