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Peggy Simonsen

Promoting a Development Culture in Your Organization: Using Career Development As a Change Agent

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ISBN: 0891061096
Издательство: Davies-Black Publishing
The increasing pace of change threatens the very survival of every organization, making demands that only a flexible, innovative workforce can meet. PROMOTING A DEVELOPMENT CULTURE IN YOUR ORGANIZATION shows how to infuse a conventional organization witha culture that fosters a creative, capable workforce. Packed with practical suggestions, assessment tools, action plans, and implementation strategies for successful career development in organizations, this book: * Explains how to generate a development culture in your organization * Offers ways to help employees change and adapt to new challenges * Shows how employees and organizations can replace rigid "job descriptions" and "titles" with adaptive "skill portfolios" and "roles" * Provides tools for developing a workforce that can implement strategic business decisions * Presents ways to shape employee careers that align with organizational goals Written for human resource and career development practitioners, executives,...