Обложка книги Quality Management Systems:  A Practical Guide

Quality Management Systems: A Practical Guide


ISBN: 1574442619;
Издательство: CRC Press

Do you remember the first time you drove a car? To prepare for this you probably read the drivers manual, watched movies, practiced in your driveway, and endlessly discussed the impending event with your friends. The result - you knew a lot about the theory of driving, you just didn't know how to translate that theory into practice. Quality Management poses a similar problem to many organizations.The time has come to put Quality Management theory to use. Since the early 1980s, you may have read books and journals, attended seminars and training sessions, or watched films and videos about Quality Management. Once again you must make the jump from theory to application. Quality Management Systems: A Practical Guide for Improvement makes it possible.This book presents a model of Quality Management that combines the theoretical base of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and the practical techniques of the Japanese into a useful application. The fork shaped model includes: oThe Handle - Management's...

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