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Rhonda Abrams

Six-Week Start-Up: A Step-By-Step Program for Starting Your Business, Making Money, and Achieving Your Goals!

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ISBN: 0966963598
Издательство: The Planning Shop
Six-Week Start-Up offers entrepreneurs a fast, proven formula for organizing the difficult details of a new business and getting it up-and-running. Designed by America's foremost small-business advice guru Rhonda Abrams as a personal workbook filled withworksheets, checklists, and planning tools, this handy guide takes the reader week-by-week through the entire process of getting a business started - from figuring out a business concept to dealing with red tape to finding and keeping customers. In just six weeks, readers learn to identify their competitive edge, determine how much money they'll need and where to get it, choose effective marketing techniques, and much more. Unlike other books that merely provide advice, Six-Week Start-Up is a true business planning program that allows readers to succeed, step-by-step, in whatever business they choose.