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Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed

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ISBN: 0808005111;
Издательство: CCH Inc

Self-employed individuals face many vexing tax compliance and planning problems. while most salaried individuals think little of tax compliance except at the end of the year, the self-employed often face thorny tax issues throughout the year. Self-employed individuals must deal with estimated taxes, FICA, business income and deductions, and specific tax rules that uniquely affect their basic business and personal needs. Highlights include: -- Understanding the Self-Employment Tax -- Accounting choices and Deferring Income -- Maximizing Start-Up and Expansion Cost Deductions -- Maximizing Automobile, Transportation, and Moving Expense Deductions -- Maximizing Travel and Entertainment Deductions -- Maximizing Depreciation -- Pension Plan Strategies -- Disposing of Business Property -- Avoiding Hobby Classification and Passive Losses -- Avoiding Tax Penalties and the Alternative Minimum Tax -- Hiring Independent Contractors --...