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Courtney Bolin, Susan Nash

Teamwork from the Inside Out Fieldbook: Exercises and Tools for Turning Team Performance Inside Out

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ISBN: 089106172X
Издательство: Davies-Black Publishing
In her first book, TURNING TEAM PERFORMANCE INSIDE OUT, Susan Nash charted new territory, bringing the power of personality type and temperament to the workplace as a tool to help improve the performance of teams. Now Nash and her coauthor Courtney Bolindeliver this companion fieldbook of hands-on tools to turn readers' insights into action. Backed by more than 10 years' experience field-testing the 60 exercises, activities, and tools they are now making available for the first time, Nash and Bolin bring to life the original book's SCORE model and show how to use it to build cohesive strategy, define clear roles and responsibilities, create open communication, respond rapidly to change, and build effective leadership. The authors detail their uniqueapproach to assessing team performance within each of the SCORE components and introduce techniques to improve individual and team performance within each area. By linking the impact of individual team members' type and temperament...