Обложка книги The Complete Living Trusts Program

The Complete Living Trusts Program

ISBN: 0471361054; 9780471361053;
Издательство: Wiley

Avoid probate Manage and protect assets through disability Eliminate the need for a court-appointed guardian Avoid living trusts hype AVOID THE BALONEY, PUFFERY, AND SNAKE OIL OR HOW TO BEST UTILIZE LIVING TRUSTS FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR HEIRS A properly arranged living trust can be an invaluable estate and financial planning tool that ultimately insures your assets will reach heirs as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Unfortunately, this is more difficult to accomplish than it should be. The misinformation surrounding living trusts is staggering. Many trusts are poorly written, shamefully mismanaged, and improperly used. But even when correctly planned, a living trust is not necessary or beneficial for everyone. How do you decide if it?s the right thing for you? And how do you do it right? Get informed. In this comprehensive book, attorney Martin M. Shenkman guides you through the...